Vacations “Telephones” Lyrics Meaning

Vacations’ “Telephones” delves into the complexities of phone addiction. With vivid imagery and heartfelt expressions, the song captures the modern struggle of resisting the magnetic pull of our devices.

It serves as a poignant reminder to balance our digital lives and prompts reflection on the profound integration of phones into our existence.

The lyrics beautifully express the desire to break free from dependency while recognizing the inescapable bond between humans and their devices.

In this article, we’ll analyze the meaning behind the lyrics, breaking them down section by section to unravel the depth of their message.

Inspiration Behind “Telephones”

“Telephones” explores the theme of phone addiction. In a Cereal and Sounds interview, lead guitarist and singer Campbell Burns shared the inspiration behind the song, saying,

“Telephones came from me staying up way too late before going to bed just scrolling through Instagram’s explore tag during a period when I was feeling down.”

“Telephones” Lyrics Meaning

[Verse 1]

Rise with the morning

You call to me

My thoughts are crawling

You’re all I see

In the opening verse, the singer paints a scene of waking up in the morning and answering a call. Amid the grogginess of early hours, he expresses, “My thoughts are crawling/You’re all I see.” Interestingly, this isn’t a poetic ode to a lover but a reflection on the omnipresence of his phone.

Placed conveniently next to his bed, it captures all his attention. The singer’s tone, initially resembling a romantic address, cleverly reveals the common experience we all share—being captivated by our phones upon waking, scrolling through Instagram, WhatsApp, and catching up on the news.


I wish I could live without you

But you’re a part of me

Wherever I go

You’ll always be next to me

In the chorus, the singer candidly expresses his desire to live without his phone. However, in today’s digital age, our smartphones have become an inseparable part of us. While the term “part of me” typically invokes thoughts of lovers, the reality is, unlike breaking up with partners after an argument, we can never quite detach from our smartphones. Hence, the singer laments, “I wish I could live without you/But you’re a part of me.”

Continuing with “Wherever I go/You’ll always be next to me,” the singer highlights the ubiquitous nature of smartphones. Much like loyal partners, our phones accompany us everywhere we venture. It’s a humorous yet relatable observation about our modern-day relationships with these devices.

[Verse 2]

Fall into the night

As I gaze into you

Shine so bright

It’s all I do

In the second verse, the singer paints a familiar nighttime scene – our lives illuminated by the glow of shiny smartphones.

With the words, “Fall into the night/As I gaze into you/Shine so bright/It’s all I do,” he captures the essence of a common addiction many of us share.

It’s the routine of bedtime scrolling, getting lost in the glow of our news feeds, and essentially, that’s our nightly ritual.

Overall Message

“Telephones” by Vacations captures the modern-day challenge of grappling with smartphone addiction and the irresistible pull of social media. 

The song portrays the phone as both a source of connection and comfort, drawing a parallel to romantic relationships. Despite a clear desire to live without the constant presence of the phone, the lyrics acknowledge the paradoxical nature of this attachment—longing for freedom while finding it difficult to detach.

The repetitive nature of the chorus mirrors the cyclical struggle of addiction, serving as a persistent reminder of the ongoing battle most of us face in trying to overcome our digital habits.

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