Rod Wave “Street Runner” Lyrics Meaning

“Street Runner” is a song by the American rapper Rod Wave. It came out on March 10, 2021, as the main track from his third album, “SoulFly,” released in 2021. The song was created by producers Karltin Bankz, LondnBlue, and TnTXD, and it samples a song called “Mixed Signals” by Ruth B.

In this song, Rod Wave reminisces about a past relationship he didn’t have time for while pursuing his career goals. Although he has achieved his dreams, he still misses his loved one. Towards the end of the song, there’s a voicemail from a woman named “Mallary B.” who says she loves and also misses him.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the meaning behind the lyrics.

“Street Runner” Lyrics Meaning


(Pipe that shit up, TnT)

These mixed signals, mixed signals, they’re killing me

I don’t know what you want, but I know what I need

The “goodbyes,” the “hellos,” the “I need you,” “no I don’t”

Every time I start to close the door, you knock and I let you in

Loving you is my greatest sin

Loving you is my greatest sin

Loving you is my greatest sin

Yeah, yeah

Look, uh

In the “Intro” of the song, Rod Wave expresses his feelings of confusion and mixed emotions caused by someone sending him conflicting signals, singing, “These mixed signals, mixed signals, they’re killing me.”

He mentions not understanding what the other person truly wants, but he knows what he himself needs.

The lyrics talk about the back-and-forth nature of their relationship, with moments of goodbye, hello, need, and denial.

Despite trying to move on (closing the door), he keeps letting this person back into his life.

The repetition of “Loving you is my greatest sin” emphasizes the emotional struggle he faces.


Sorry I missed your call, I was on a jet

I been so zoned out, tryna figure out what’s next

So scared to fail, I’m calculatin’ my every step

Gotta watch my back and keep my strap, but nonetheless

I think about you when I’m gone (Yeah), wishing I could hold you

Probably home, wishin’ someone come and love you how they ‘posed to

And I hope you see this letter ‘fore it’s too late (Yeah)

I hope chasin’ my dreams don’t get in the way

I blame my struggles and my uncles for my hustlin’ ways

I’m way in Michigan right now, lookin’ at real estate

Lord knows I wanna lay ya down but I’m chasin’ cake

Can’t go back broke, stay on the go, that’s all that’s on my brain

In the verse, Rod Wave talks about being busy with his career and missing calls, symbolizing his hectic lifestyle.

He reflects on his constant need to plan his next move and avoid failure, as expressed in the lines, “I been so zoned out, tryna figure out what’s next, So scared to fail, I’m calculatin’ my every step.”

Despite his success, he still thinks about the person he cares about and wishes he could be with her.

He mentions the pressure he feels to succeed and how he’s currently in Michigan, possibly for business reasons like looking at real estate.


She tell me fuck you, I hate you, then I love you, can’t blame you

She say I love you, but don’t trust you, can’t change you

I just hope we don’t end how they do

Crash and burn on The Shade Room

In the Bridge, Rod Wave portrays a complicated relationship.

The other person alternates between expressing love and distrust towards him.

He acknowledges that the situation might not end well, possibly resulting in public scrutiny or criticism, as mentioned by “Crash and burn on The Shade Room.”


Street runner, gotta stop running sometimes (Yeah)

I’m in your city tonight (Yeah)

And these lights (These lights), make me feel so inspired (Yeah)

Going higher and higher and higher (Yeah, yeah)

Taking me higher (Taking me higher)

Higher and higher and higher (Yeah, yeah)

In the chorus, Rod Wave talks about needing to take a break from his constant pursuit of success and running in life. He mentions being in the listener’s city and feeling inspired by the city lights.

This part of the song expresses his desire to take a pause from his busy life, find inspiration, and rise higher, both personally and professionally.


Hey, I’m kinda glad you didn’t pick up

I kinda just called to hear your voice, so

Your voice recording was enough

Ugh, I should hang up, what am I doing? Um

So uh, I feel kinda dumb, but uh

I miss you, I’ve been thinking about you

I’ve been thinking about our love and how much I miss your touch

I miss being around you, hearing your laugh and holding your hand

I think of you every day

I hope and I wish that you’re doing okay

I want us to go back to the old days

Because, I miss you, and I just thought of you, so I thought I’d call you

To tell you that you crossed my mind and I took that as a sign, that I should call and say hi

So that’s all, hi

I hope you don’t think I’ve lost my mind, I hope you don’t think I’m crazy

This message is getting long so I should just say bye, but

The idea of you listening to this, the thought of you on the other side of the line

I can’t hang up

I’m in your city tonight

And these lights make me feel so inspired

Going higher and higher and higher

In the outro, Rod Wave leaves a voicemail or a message for someone he misses. He expresses that he called just to hear her voice and mentions that her voicemail recording was enough for him.

He admits to feeling somewhat foolish but shares how much he misses the person and thinks about her love and physical presence.

Rod Wave reminisces about the past, wishing to go back to the old days when they were together, laughing, and holding hands.

He concludes by expressing his hope that the person is doing well and that she crosses his mind frequently, prompting him to call and say hi.

Deeper Meaning Behind “Street Runner”

“Street Runner” is a heartfelt expression of the personal and emotional struggles Rod Wave has faced on his path to success. Wave said, “Street Runner” is a personal song about the sacrifices I made to pursue this career that I have now. All while never forgetting about the family and loved ones I’m doing it for.”

The term “Street Runner” could symbolize Rod Wave’s life journey, especially through the challenges and hardships he’s faced while pursuing his career. It suggests that he’s been running through the streets, metaphorically speaking, to achieve his goals and success.

In the lyrics of “Street Runner,” Rod Wave reflects on a relationship that suffered due to his lack of time and attention, along with the “success and chaos” his career has brought him. 

Throughout the song, Wave expresses his dedication to his career, symbolized by being on a jet and constantly “zoned out.” He admits to being afraid of failure and constantly calculating his next move, driven by the fear of returning to a state of financial hardship. As he raps, “Sorry I missed your call, I was on a jet. I been so zoned out, tryna figure out what’s next.”

However, amidst his pursuit of success, Wave yearns for the warmth and intimacy of a relationship. He confesses to missing the person he loves and wishes he could hold her. This emotional tug-of-war between ambition and longing is expressed in the lines, “I think about you when I’m gone (Yeah), wishing I could hold you.”

In the lines, “Street runner, gotta stop running sometimes (Yeah). I’m in your city tonight (Yeah),” he recognises the need for a break from the relentless pursuit of success.

In the end, this track is indeed a personal reflection on the sacrifices he made to achieve his current career and success.

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