Lorde “Solar Power” Lyrics Meaning

“Solar Power” is a song by Lorde from her third album with the same name. Lorde and Jack Antonoff wrote and produced the song. It came out on June 11, 2021, as the first single from the album.

In the song, Lorde talks about nature and how being outdoors helps her relax and forget about everyday problems. It celebrates the carefree, joyful, and liberating spirit of summer.

In this article, we’ll explore the meaning behind the sunny lyrics in “Solar Power.”

“Solar Power” Lyrics Meaning

[Verse 1]

I hate the winter, can’t stand the cold

I tend to cancel all the plans (So sorry, I can’t make it)

But when the heat comes, something takes a hold

Can I kick it? Yeah, I can

In Verse 1, Lorde expresses her strong dislike for winter and the cold weather, often leading her to cancel plans.

However, when the warmth of summer arrives, she feels a newfound energy and enthusiasm, allowing her to embrace and enjoy the season.


My cheeks in high colour, overripe peaches

No shirt, no shoes, only my features

My boy behind me, he’s taking pictures

Lead the boys and girls onto the beaches

Come one, come all, I’ll tell you my secrets

I’m kinda like a prettier Jesus

In the Pre-Chorus, Lorde describes the physical effects of being in the sun during summertime. She mentions that her cheeks have a vibrant color, like overripe peaches, emphasizing the healthy and glowing appearance she has in the sun.

Lorde also points out that she’s not wearing a shirt or shoes, emphasizing a casual and carefree attitude. She’s accompanied by a friend who is taking pictures, suggesting that they’re capturing happy moments together.

Lorde invites everyone to join them on the beach and hints at sharing her personal secrets, creating an atmosphere of openness and connection.

She playfully compares herself to a “prettier Jesus,” which might be a lighthearted reference to the idea that she’s spreading positivity and happiness, similar to a joyful figure.


Forget all of thе tears that you’ve cried

It’s ovеr (Over, over, over, over)

It’s a new state of mind

Are you coming, my baby?

In the Chorus, Lorde sings about the therapeutic effects of enjoying summertime.

She encourages people to forget about the tears they’ve shed, implying that the happiness and warmth of summer can help us leave behind our sorrows and troubles.

She refers to it as a “new state of mind,” suggesting that the positive and carefree vibes of summer can bring a fresh perspective and attitude.

In the line “Are you coming, my baby?” Lorde is asking if someone is coming to join in this joyful experience.

[Verse 2]

Acid green, aquamarine

The girls are dancing in the sand

And I throw my cellular device in the water

Can you reach me? No, you can’t (Aha)

In Verse 2, Lorde celebrates the summer season by vividly describing it as “acid green” and “aquamarine,” highlighting the vibrant colors and the joyful atmosphere.

She mentions that people, specifically girls, are dancing on the sand, capturing the carefree and lively spirit of summertime.

Lorde playfully throws her cellphone into the water, suggesting a desire to disconnect from technology and fully immerse herself in the moment


Turn it on in a new kind of bright

It’s solar (Solar, solar, solar, solar, solar)

Come on and let the bliss begin

Blink three times when you feel it kicking in

In this part, Lorde continues to celebrate the brightness and positivity of summertime.

She mentions turning on a “new kind of bright,” referring to the sunny and cheerful atmosphere that summer brings.

She calls it “solar,” emphasizing the radiant power of the sun during this season.

Lorde invites others to embrace this joyful feeling, encouraging them to blink three times when they feel it kicking in, symbolizing the infectious and uplifting nature of summertime happiness.


That solar-olar-olar power

Solar-olar-olar power

Solar-olar-olar power

Solar-olar-olar power

Solar-olar-olar power

Solar-olar-olar power

In the Outro, Lorde repeatedly praises the sun and the power it brings during summertime. She uses the phrase “solar-olar-olar power” to emphasize the strength and positivity associated with the sunshine.

Deeper Meaning Behind “Solar Power”

Lorde’s song “Solar Power” is an anthem for embracing the simple pleasures of life, enjoying the warmth of the sun, and finding solace and joy in the beauty of the natural world. It’s a reminder to let go of worries and experience the liberating power of summertime.

The lyrics reveal Lorde’s disdain for winter and her longing for the arrival of summer. She expresses a desire to escape the cold and the monotony of everyday life. When summer finally arrives, it brings with it a sense of renewal and freedom. The sunshine and natural beauty serve as a backdrop for Lorde’s carefree adventures.

Lorde paints a picture of the summer scene, with references to vibrant colors, beach dancing, and the act of tossing her cellphone into the water, symbolizing a desire to disconnect from technology and fully embrace the moment. She encourages listeners to leave behind their troubles and embrace this new state of mind that summer offers.

The song’s title “Solar Power” conveys this idea that the sun’s warmth and the outdoor environment have a significant impact on our mood and outlook. “Solar” refers to the sun, and “power” implies the energy, positivity, and influence that the sun has, especially during the summer season.

In the song, “Solar Power” not only refers to the physical sun but also signifies the emotional and psychological power of nature and the summer season to uplift and inspire us.

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