Jason Derulo “Savage Love” Lyrics Meaning

“Savage Love (Laxed – Siren Beat)” is a song by two musicians, Jawsh 685 from New Zealand and Jason Derulo from America. They officially released it on June 11, 2020, after sorting out some legal issues related to using samples in the song.

Jawsh 685 made the music as a way to honor his Samoan and Cook Island roots (685 is the country code for Samoa). The style of the music is known as a “siren jam,” which is a trend in New Zealand and the Pasifika region where people create beats to play from sirens on cars or bikes. The song also became really popular on TikTok, with users making videos where they dance to it while wearing traditional clothing to celebrate their heritage.

In the lyrics of “Savage Love,” Jason Derulo sings about falling in love with a girl who’s only using him. He knows she’s with him just to get back at her ex-lover, but he can’t help being attracted to her.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what the lyrics of the song mean. 

“Savage Love” Lyrics Meaning

[Verse 1: Jason Derulo]

If I woke up without ya, I don’t know what I would do

Thought I could be single forever till I met you

Usually don’t be fallin’, be fallin’, fallin’ fast

You got a way of keepin’ me comin’ back-to-back

I just found out, the only reason that you lovin’ me

Was to get back at your ex lover but before you leave

Usually I would never, would never even care

Baby, I know she creepin’, I feel it in the air

In Verse 1, Jason Derulo mentions that he can’t imagine what he would do if he woke up without the girl he loves. He thought he would stay single forever until he met her.

Despite not usually falling in love quickly, he’s falling for her fast because she has a way of keeping him interested.

However, he also discovers that she’s only with him to get back at her ex-lover, which makes him feel like she’s cheating on him.

[Pre-Chorus: Jason Derulo]

Every night and every day (Every day)

I try to make you stay, but your

In the Pre-Chorus, Jason Derulo mentions that every night and every day, he tries to make her stay, but she’s distant or hesitant.

This shows his desire for her to be with him, but it seems like she’s not fully committed or interested in staying in the relationship.

[Chorus: Jason Derulo]

Savage love

Did somebody, did somebody break your heart?

Lookin’ like an angel, but your savage love

When you kiss me, I know you don’t give two fucks

But I still want that

In the Chorus, Jason Derulo sings about how his lover’s actions seem to indicate that someone has hurt her emotionally (“Did somebody break your heart?”).

Despite her appearing sweet and angelic on the surface, her behavior suggests that she doesn’t really care about him when they kiss.

He acknowledges that she’s not deeply invested in their relationship, but he still desires her despite this (“But I still want that”).

[Verse 2: Jason Derulo]

Baby, I hope that this ain’t karma ’cause I get around

You wanna run it up, I wanna lock it down

Usually don’t be fallin’, be fallin’, fallin’ fast

You got a way of makin’ me spend up all my cash

In Verse 2, Jason Derulo mentions that he hopes the difficulties in their relationship are not a form of karma or payback for his own past actions, implying that he has been promiscuous or unfaithful.

He contrasts his desire to commit to her (“I wanna lock it down”) with her seemingly carefree attitude, suggesting that she spends his money without much concern.

Despite these challenges, he is still drawn to her and is falling for her quickly.

[Bridge: Jason Derulo]

(Ooh, la-la-la-la, ooh, la-la-la-la)

Your savage lo-lo-love

(Ooh, la-la-la-la, ooh, la-la-la-la, ooh)

Your savage lo-lo-love

(Ooh, la-la-la-la)

You could use me

(Ooh, la-la-la-la)


In the Bridge, Jason Derulo is still addressing the girl he loves.

He uses the phrase “Your savage lo-lo-love” to describe her love as wild or unpredictable.

It’s like she’s using him or being ruthless in their relationship. However, he acknowledges that she can use him however she wants.

[Post-Chorus: Jason Derulo]

Your savage love (Savage love)

Your savage lo-lo-love (Ooh, yeah)

Your savage lo-lo-love

Girl, you could use me

‘Cause I still want that your savage love

In the Post-Chorus, Jason Derulo refers to her love as “savage love,” indicating that it might be intense and unpredictable.

Despite any difficulties or complications in their relationship, he still wants her and is drawn to her.

Deeper Meaning Behind “Savage Love”

In the song “Savage Love,” Jason Derulo sings about being deeply infatuated with a woman who seems to be taking advantage of him.

He’s smitten by her, even though he recognizes that she is using him as a means to seek revenge on her former lover, as evident in the lines, “Was to get back at your ex-lover but before you leave.” Unfortunately, Jason finds himself unable to let go of his attraction to her. He sings, “If I woke up without ya, I don’t know what I would do.”

In an interview with RADIO.COM’s Julia, Derulo mentioned that he’s proud of how the lyrics shed light on this problematic relationship while the music maintains a high-energy, danceable beat. He said, “I feel like the juxtaposition of worlds coming together really makes this push and pull, cool feeling song that just kind of cuts through.”

The term “savage love” implies a love that is fierce, wild, and unrelenting, which mirrors the passionate but tumultuous nature of their relationship, as reflected in the lyrics. It symbolizes a love that may be destructive and driven by selfish desires rather than genuine connection and care.

Towards the end, Derulo wonders if his lover’s deceitful ways are payback for his past player behavior. He acknowledges the irony of falling for someone who now makes him spend all his money, when he used to be the one playing around, as expressed in the lines “Usually don’t be fallin’, be fallin’, fallin’ fast, You got a way of makin’ me spend up all my cash.”

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