Everclear “I Will Buy You a New Life” Lyrics Meaning

The song “I Will Buy You a New Life” is a rock track by the American band Everclear. It’s from their third album, “So Much for the Afterglow,” released in 1997. The song did well, reaching number three on the US Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart and number 20 on the Billboard Adult Top 40 chart.

This song is personal to lead singer Art Alexakis. When his daughter Anna was a baby, he and his ex-wife used to visit a fancy neighborhood in Portland, Oregon, called the West Hills. They would admire the nice houses and daydream about living there. Eventually, after Everclear’s success, Art bought one of those houses and moved into the neighborhood.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the lyrics and explore their meaning.

“I Will Buy You a New Life” Lyrics Meaning

[Verse 1]

Here is the money that I owe you

Yeah, so you can pay the bills

I will give you more when I get paid again

I hate those people who love to tell you

Money is the root of all that kills

They have never been poor

They have never had the joy of a welfare Christmas

In Verse 1, Art Alexakis tells his partner that he owes her money to help cover their expenses. He promises to give her more money when he gets paid again.

Art expresses his frustration with people who claim that money is the cause of all problems but have never experienced poverty or the challenges of making ends meet.

He mentions the happiness they found during a Christmas when they relied on welfare assistance.

[Verse 2]

You say you wake up crying

Yes, and you don’t know why

You get up and you go lay down inside my baby’s room

Yeah, I guess I’m doing okay

I moved in with the strangest guy

Can you believe he actually thinks that I am really alive

In Verse 2, Art Alexakis’s partner describes how Art sometimes wakes up in tears without knowing the reason.

When this happens, he goes to their baby’s room and lies down.

She mentions that she’s doing okay and has moved in with an unusual or quirky guy, which is actually referring to Art himself.

She sarcastically comments on Art’s preoccupation with his own thoughts, to the extent that she finds it surprising that he sees her as genuinely present or ‘alive’ in their relationship.


I will buy you a garden where your flowers can bloom

I will buy you a new car, perfect, shiny, and new

I will buy you that big house way up in the West Hills

I will buy you a new life

Yes I will

In the chorus, the singer makes a series of promises to his partner. 

These promises reflect Art’s desire to improve their situation and give his partner a better, more comfortable life than before.

It suggests a sense of responsibility and a desire to make amends or offer a fresh beginning.

[Verse 3]

Yes, I know all about that other guy

The handsome man with athletic thighs

I know about all the times before

With that obsessive little rich boy

They might make you think you’re happy

Yeah, maybe for a minute or two

They can’t make you laugh

No, they can’t make you feel the way that I do

In Verse 3, Art Alexakis mentions another man, described as “the handsome man with athletic thighs.” This might refer to his partner’s ex-boyfriend.

He goes on to acknowledge their dating history together, referring to “all the times before.” Art describes the other man as an “obsessive little rich boy,” who is likely another ex-boyfriend of his partner.

Art believes that all of his partner’s ex-boyfriends could only provide her with short-term pleasure instead of the genuine happiness he brought her, as expressed in the lines, “They can’t make you laugh, No, they can’t make you feel the way that I do.”




I know we can never look back



Will you please let me stay the night

(No one will ever know)

Will you please let me stay the night

(No one will ever know)

No one will ever know

In the Bridge, Art Alexakis expresses a strong desire to stay the night with his partner, and he pleads for permission by saying, “Will you please let me stay the night.”

The repeated line, “No one will ever know,” suggests that he wants their connection and intimacy to remain a secret or private, away from the eyes and judgments of others.

It reflects a longing for a moment of closeness and emotional connection with his partner, even if their relationship may have faced challenges or changes.

Deeper Meaning Behind “I Will Buy You a New Life”

“I Will Buy You a New Life” is a heartwarming reminder of the power of love and shared dreams with our loved ones. It shows us that true happiness comes from the love and support we give and receive from the people who matter most.

The song’s title, “I Will Buy You a New Life,” represents Art Alexakis’s longing to provide financial stability and material comfort to his loved one. It serves as a metaphor for the singer’s desire to make amends and offer a fresh start to his family. However, it’s not necessarily about material possessions.

In an October 2003 interview with Songfacts, lead singer Art Alexakis commented on the song’s meaning:

“When Anna was a baby, me and my ex-wife, before we were even married, we would go up to this fancy neighborhood in the West Hills, and look at the houses. We’d get some hamburgers and drive around, kind of fantasize. And then one day after the success of Everclear I was able to buy a house up there. But it wasn’t about the money, it was about a different kind of life, giving all of yourself to another person. It’s the ultimate romantic song to me. That and “Good Witch Of The North.”

The song begins with the singer acknowledging a debt and the desire to provide financial stability to their partner or loved one. This act of wanting to “buy a new life” signifies a commitment to improve their circumstances and make up for past failures.

The promises of buying a garden, a new car, a big house, and a new life represent the narrator’s earnest desire to provide comfort, stability, and happiness to his loved one.

The song also talks about his partner’s past relationships and the allure of external attractions, like the “handsome man with athletic thighs.” However, the singer asserts that despite the temporary pleasures these past relationships might have offered, they can’t be compared to the genuine happiness and emotional connection he brings to the table.

Though there’s some emotional turmoil in their relationship, as seen in the lines “You say you wake up crying, Yes, and you don’t know why,” the singer is determined to make things right and provide a brighter future for his partner. He’ll buy her a happier and more secure life.

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