Hellyeah “Love Falls” Lyrics Meaning

“Love Falls” by HELLYEAH came out in 2016 on their album called Undeniable (spelled as Unden!able). HELLYEAH is a heavy metal supergroup from the USA, formed in 2006. They often explore deep and reflective themes in their music.

The song “Love Falls” revolves around emotional struggles. Through its haunting and poignant lyrics, the band tries to express their own battles with inner demons and their desire for love and acceptance.

In this article, we’ll break down the lyrics of “Love Falls” to understand the deep meaning behind them.

Hellyeah “Love Falls” Lyrics Meaning

[Verse 1]

Have you cried yourself to sleep?

Have you felt this incomplete?

Have you ever cut yourself so deep

To see if you still bleed?

Do you ever feel wanted?

Do you ever feel needed?

Do you ever feel happy?

Or are you just like me?

Verse 1 paints a picture of emotional distress, self-doubt, and a yearning for love and happiness that seems hard to find. It conveys a sense of being alone and sad that the singer is going through.

The singer starts with the line, “Have you cried yourself to sleep?” which suggests that the person is feeling emotional pain to the point where they cry themselves to sleep.

The following line, “Have you felt this incomplete?” expresses a feeling of not being whole or fulfilled, specifically, a lack of satisfaction or purpose in life. When the singer asks, “Have you ever cut yourself so deep to see if you still bleed?” he’s referring to self-harm as a way to test one’s own existence and emotions. It implies a struggle with intense emotional pain and a desire to feel something, even physical pain, to confirm one’s existence.

He continues to sing, “Do you ever feel wanted? Do you ever feel needed?” The singer is questioning whether other people have ever felt desired or essential to someone else.

The final lines, “Do you ever feel happy? Or are you just like me?” suggest a lack of happiness and a feeling of being alone in their emotional struggles. The singer is wondering if others share his feelings of unhappiness and isolation.


I’m hanging by a thread, a rope

The noose around my neck, I choke

‘Cause every time I fall in

Love falls out of me

I’m hardened like a rock, a stone

The brick inside my chest, alone

‘Cause every time I fall in

Love falls out of me

Love falls out of me

The Chorus of “Love Falls” paints a picture of the singer feeling emotionally fragile, suffocated by his emotions, and unable to sustain love in his life. It suggests that the singer has been deeply wounded by past experiences.

The first line, “I’m hanging by a thread, a rope,” symbolizes the singer’s fragile emotional state, as if he’s barely holding on, akin to being suspended by a thin thread or rope.

The following line, “The noose around my neck, I choke,” uses the metaphor of a noose around the singer’s neck to express a feeling of suffocation or being overwhelmed by his emotions. The singer feels as if his emotional struggles are strangling him.

When he sings, “Every time I fall in/Love falls out of me,” he’s suggesting that whenever he starts to invest emotionally or open himself up to love or a romantic relationship, something negative happens. It might mean that the singer’s been hurt so many times in the past.

He continues to sing, “I’m hardened like a rock/a stone. The brick inside my chest, alone.” These lines convey the idea that the singer has become emotionally hardened and unfeeling, like a solid rock or stone. With the heavy burden or emotional weight that he carries within him, the singer feels isolated and alone, as if there’s a brick inside his chest.

[Verse 2]

Have you ever wished for death?

And prayed all night for your last breath?

Have you ever wanted to forget

The failure of your dreams?

Because I’ve never felt wanted

And I’ve never felt needed

And I’ll never be happy

But I guess that’s just me

In Verse 2, the singer explains how he has grappled with thoughts of death, expressing his desires to escape painful memories. He sings, “Have you ever wished for death?” This line suggests that the singer has experienced such intense emotional pain and despair that he has contemplated or wished for death.

In the following line, “And prayed all night for your last breath?” the mention of praying for his last breath emphasizes the depth of his suffering. It implies that they may have reached a point where he would rather cease to exist than continue enduring his emotional torment.

When he sings, “Have you ever wanted to forget The failure of your dreams?” he’s suggesting a desire to escape from painful memories and experiences. Meanwhile, when he mentions the “failure of your dreams,” the phrase likely refers to unfulfilled aspirations and ambitions.

Finally, he expresses his grief in the lines, “Because I’ve never felt wanted/ And I’ve never felt needed/ And I’ll never be happy/ But I guess that’s just me.” The singer believes that lasting happiness is unattainable for him.

He’s so pessimistic that he believes he’s destined to be unwanted and unhappy. And all these misfortunes are exclusive to him, while everyone else is living a normal and happy life. From the final lines, we can see how isolated the singer feels.


I’ll never forget the day I died

The memories frozen and denied

Flower of my heart withered and dried

In the Bridge, the singer begins with the line, “I’ll never forget the day I died,” which furthers his thoughts about death. With so many painful experiences, the singer is actually thinking about whether death can free him from this emotional state.

He thinks that on the day of his death, he can finally freeze those painful memories or deny them. But along with that, he will lose everything that’s still vibrant.

The phrase “Flower of my heart withered and dried” is a metaphorical expression that symbolizes the deterioration or decay of his remaining emotional well-being, happiness, or capacity to love. It signifies a deep sense of emotional desolation and emptiness.

Deeper Meaning Behind “Love Falls”

HELLYEAH, a band formed by members from renowned groups like Pantera, Mudvayne, and Nothingface, created the song “Love Falls” as a reflection of their collective struggles with loss, pain, and the pursuit of emotional connection.

In an interview with Germany’s Metal-Heads.de, Hellyeah singer Chad Gray shared some insights into the meaning behind “Love Falls.” He said, “Maybe it is about a relationship or whatever, and that’s how somebody makes that connection to the song. Or maybe it is about a different type of love that you’ve lost or whatever.”

He continued, “I’ve lost love, and I have experienced death and the loss of people that I love on pretty much every level, and it really does suck. So it’s not like I’m writing something that I don’t know anything about. But I wanna make it…”

The lyrics of “Love Falls” paint a picture of a person who has experienced profound despair and isolation. The song describes feelings of incompleteness, self-harm, and a longing for love and acceptance. The singer reflects on the intense emotional turmoil he’s faced, including self-destructive tendencies and a yearning for love and happiness in the face of overwhelming despair.

Overall, “Love Falls” serves as a reminder of the importance of emotional well-being and the need for connection and support in times of darkness.

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