Deftones “Cherry Waves” Lyrics Meaning

“Cherry Waves” is the fourth song from the album called “Saturday Night Wrist,” which is the fifth studio album by the American alternative metal band Deftones. It was released on October 31, 2006, by Maverick Records.

The making of “Saturday Night Wrist” was tough, taking about two years and straining relationships within the band. The album drew inspiration from frontman Chino Moreno’s struggles with drug addiction and the breakdown of his marriage.

Chino Moreno, the lead singer, has explained that the song “Cherry Waves” is about testing someone’s trust in another person. The “cherry waves” symbolize the dual nature of love and life’s challenges. On one hand, they represent warmth, tenderness, and love, while on the other, they signify the overwhelming and sometimes destructive forces that can pull people apart.

In this article, we’ll delve deeper into the meaning behind the song “Cherry Waves.”

“Cherry Waves” Lyrics Meaning

[Verse 1]

A sea of waves we hug the same plank

(Saw your end)

Just as I’d rehearsed over in my brain

(Saw your end)

In Verse 1, the lyrics depict a scene where the singer and someone else face a challenging situation together. There’s a sense of impending danger as they navigate through the sea.

The singer starts with the line “A sea of waves we hug the same plank,” which paints a picture of the two individuals in the midst of a turbulent sea, surrounded by waves. They cling to the same plank, symbolizing support or survival.

The following line “(Saw your end)”: The phrase in parentheses, “(Saw your end),” suggests that the singer foresaw or anticipated the outcome or fate of the other person.

He continues to sing, “Just as I’d rehearsed over in my brain.” This part indicates that the singer mentally rehearsed or contemplated this situation beforehand. It implies that they might have been mentally preparing themselves for what lay ahead.

[Verse 2]

You hang the anchors over my neck

(Saw your end)

I liked it at first but the more you laughed

The crazier I came

Verse 2 continues to build on the theme of tension and difficulty in the relationship or situation. The line “You hang the anchors over my neck” suggests that the other person is burdening or weighing down the singer. The metaphor of “anchors” implies that this person’s actions or words are causing emotional or psychological strain.

Similar to Verse 1, we have the parenthetical phrase “(Saw your end)” here, which suggests that the singer had foreseen or anticipated the pain he would suffer.

He continues to sing, “I liked it at first but the more you laughed/ The crazier I came.” This part conveys a complex emotional response. Initially, the singer may have been somewhat accepting or even enjoyed the situation. However, as the other person’s laughter or actions intensified, it had a negative impact on the singer’s mental state, making him feel “crazier.”


The waves suck you in then you drown

If like, you should sink down beneath

I’ll swim down with you

Is that what you want?


Is that what you want?

In the Chorus, the singer begins with the line, “The waves suck you in then you drown.” Here, the lyrics continue to use the metaphor of waves to represent difficulties in life. The waves “sucking you in” symbolize how these challenges can overwhelm and consume a person, potentially leading to a sense of drowning or being in a dire situation.

When he sings, “If like, you should sink down beneath,” he’s suggesting that if the person being addressed in the song (“you”) were to face these difficulties and start sinking or struggling, the singer acknowledges that he would be willing to go down with them. It implies a sense of loyalty and willingness to support the other person, even in tough times.

The repetition of the question, “Is that what you want?” emphasizes the importance of understanding the other person’s desires and intentions. It’s a question directed at the person facing challenges, asking whether they truly want the singer’s support and if they want to face these difficulties together.





The Bridge is quite brief and consists of three lines, each with a simple word “Wave” and “Inside.” The word “Wave” repeats twice, creating a sense of rhythm and emphasis. It could be interpreted as a reference to the ups and downs or obstacles that one faces, just like waves.

The word “Inside” is isolated on its own line. It may suggest introspection or a focus on inner thoughts and feelings. It could imply that amidst external challenges (the waves), there is an internal reflection or contemplation taking place.


Escape below

Escape below

The Outro repeats the line “Escape below” twice, which suggests a strong desire to retreat or find refuge. It could be interpreted as seeking solace or a way to escape from the challenges mentioned earlier in the song.

Deeper Meaning Behind “Cherry Waves”

Singer Chino Moreno has explained that “Cherry Waves” is about testing the trust a person has in someone else.

In the song, the verses describe a situation where two people are facing difficulties together. One person feels burdened, while the other seems unaware of the strain they’re causing. The chorus expresses a willingness to support and stand by someone through tough times, questioning if that’s what the other person truly desires.

“Cherry Waves” serves as a metaphor for blood in an ocean. Chino subtly references death throughout the song. At the same time, the cherry symbolizes warmth, tenderness, and love. He juxtaposes love and death throughout the song, creating these “Cherry Waves.”

In a 2006 interview with Kerrang! magazine, Chino Moreno shared, “This is a story about being in the middle of the ocean with someone saying, ‘If you were to sink underneath the waves, then I’d swim after you. Would you do the same for me?. It’s seeing how far the trust goes.”

Overall, “Cherry Waves” explores the complexities of relationships, the difficulties they bring, and the unwavering dedication to stand by someone through life’s hardships.

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