Ariana Grande “Break Free” Lyrics Meaning

“Break Free” is the second song from Ariana Grande’s 2014 album “My Everything.” It was released after her track “Problem,” which featured Iggy Azalea and Big Sean. The song made its debut on July 2nd, 2014, on MTV’s Total Ariana Live show hosted by Sway.

The song was produced by Zedd, a Russian-German producer known for his hits like “Clarity” and “Stay The Night.”

In “Break Free,” Ariana Grande celebrates her independence from a past relationship. The lyrics encourage everyone to take control of their lives and be true to themselves, regardless of what others may think.

In this article, we’ll explore the meaning behind the lyrics of “Break Free.”

“Break Free” Lyrics Meaning

[Verse 1]

If you want it, take it

I should’ve said it before

Tried to hide it, fake it

I can’t pretend anymore (Ooh)

In Verse 1, the lyrics express a sense of realization and honesty in a relationship. Ariana Grande begins with the line “If you want it, take it,” which encourages herself to go ahead and take what she wants. It implies a willingness to be open and straightforward about her feelings.

In the following line “I should’ve said it before,” she reflects on missed opportunities to express her true feelings earlier in the relationship. In other words, she might have kept her emotions hidden or unspoken in the past.

When she sings, “Tried to hide it, fake it, I can’t pretend anymore,” she is referring to her previous attempts to hide her true emotions and pretend to be someone she’s not. However, she’s reached a point where she can no longer fake her feelings and need to be genuine.


I only wanna die alive

Never by the hands of a broken heart (Ooh)

I don’t wanna hear you lie tonight

Now that I’ve become who I really am

The Pre-Chorus reflects the singer’s newfound strength and self-awareness. Ariana begins with the line, “I only wanna die alive,” to express a desire to live life to the fullest and not be weighed down by negativity or heartbreak.

When she sings, “Never by the hands of a broken heart (Ooh),” she’s emphasizing her determination to protect herself from the emotional wounds that can come from a failed relationship.

In the following line, “I don’t wanna hear you lie tonight/Now that I’ve become who I really am,” it seems the singer is cautioning her new boyfriend not to deceive her. She has now grown up and expects her partner to be authentic and sincere in their relationships.


This is the part when I say I don’t want ya

I’m stronger than I’ve been before

This is the part when I break free

‘Cause I can’t resist it no more

This is the part when I say I don’t want ya

I’m stronger than I’ve been before

This is the part when I break free

‘Cause I can’t resist it no more

In the Chorus, the singer talks about her newfound strength after breaking free from a past relationship that no longer serves her. She sings, “This is the part when I say I don’t want ya/I’m stronger than I’ve been before.” In these lines, Ariana Grande has become stronger and more resilient and no longer desires the person she was once involved with.

The title of the song itself is mentioned in the line, “This is the part when I break free.” It’s a declaration of independence and liberation.

The final line, “‘Cause I can’t resist it no more,” suggests that the singer has reached a point of no return. She can no longer resist the urge to break free and pursue her own path.

[Verse 2]

You were better, deeper

I was under your spell, yeah

Like a deadly fever, yeah, babe

On the highway to hell, yeah (Ooh)

Verse 2 reflects the singer’s past perspective on her ex-boyfriend. From the line, “You were better, deeper,” we can tell that she once thought her ex-boyfriend was superior to herself. This made her enchanted by him and fall under his influence or control, losing her own identity.

In the line, “Like a deadly fever, yeah, babe, on the highway to hell, yeah (Ooh),” the lyrics use metaphorical language to describe the intensity and potentially destructive nature of the past relationship. It likens the attraction to a “deadly fever” and references a “highway to hell,” symbolizing a tumultuous and harmful path.


No more, baby


Thought of your body, I came alive

It was lethal, it was fatal

In my dreams, it felt so right

But I woke up every time

Ooh, baby

The opening line of the Bridge, “No more, baby,” signifies a clear decision to put an end to a relationship.

However, as she sings, “Thought of your body, I came alive,” the singer admits that she previously found a sense of vitality or excitement when thinking about her ex-boyfriend’s physical attractiveness.

However, she’s now aware of the potentially destructive nature of the attraction. She sings, “It was lethal, it was fatal.” Describing the relationship as “lethal” and “fatal” suggests that it had negative consequences on the singer’s life.

The following line, “In my dreams, it felt so right, but I woke up every time,” reflects a contrast between the singer’s dreams and the reality of their relationship. While in her dreams, everything seemed perfect, in reality, there were recurring awakenings to the truth. It might mean that their relationship was not as ideal as it seemed.

The concluding phrase, “Ooh, baby,” could be an expression of the singer’s mixed emotions or a way to convey the intensity of her feelings.

Deeper Meaning Behind “Break Free”

Ariana Grande’s song “Break Free” carries a powerful message about freedom and personal growth following a past relationship. The song centers around breaking free from emotional ties to an ex-boyfriend and asserting independence.

In the song, Ariana Grande discusses how she has discovered strength and self-awareness. She realizes that she used to be under her ex-boyfriend’s control, as if under a spell. However, she now recognizes that this attachment could be destructive, akin to a “highway to hell.”

The chorus marks a significant moment where Grande confidently expresses her desire to move forward and become even stronger. While she still thinks of him in her dreams due to his physical attractiveness, she is resolute in resisting any temptations.

We all understand how challenging it can be to remove someone we once loved deeply from our lives. Ariana Grande feels this too. Making the decision to leave such a relationship can be tumultuous and requires a great deal of courage. The phrase “Ooh, baby” reflects how difficult this decision is for Ariana Grande and how her emotions are mixed. Nevertheless, she firmly declares that she no longer wants her ex-boyfriend in her life.

In the end, “Break Free” serves as an anthem for self-discovery and breaking free from old emotional ties. It encourages us to embrace our independence, focus on personal growth, and not allow a past relationship to hold us back.

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