Nicki Minaj “Beez in the Trap” Lyrics Meaning

“Beez in the Trap” is a song by rapper Nicki Minaj, featuring American rapper 2 Chainz. It came out on May 29, 2012, under Young Money, Cash Money, and Universal Republic as the main song from Minaj’s second album, “Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded” (2012). Both artists, along with producer Kenoe, wrote the song.

Nicki Minaj’s “Beez in the Trap” is about working hard and reaping the sweet rewards of success. She uses the metaphor of bees and hives to convey the message that if you stay dedicated and focused on your goals, you can achieve greatness.

In this article, we’ll explore the lyrics and the meaning behind them.

“Beez in the Trap” Lyrics Meaning

[Chorus: Nicki Minaj]

Bitches ain’t shit and they ain’t sayin’ nothing

A hundred motherfuckers can’t tell me nothing

I beez in the trap, bee-beez in the trap

I beez in the trap, bee-beez in the trap

Bitches ain’t shit and they ain’t sayin’ nothing

A hundred motherfuckers can’t tell me nothing

I beez in the trap, bee-beez in the trap

I beez in the trap, bee-beez in the trap

In this chorus, Nicki Minaj is expressing confidence and independence.

She’s dismissing negative opinions from others (“Bitches ain’t shit and they ain’t sayin’ nothing”) and asserting her own success and dominance (“I beez in the trap”).

The phrase “I beez in the trap” essentially means she’s thriving in her own lane and doing well, regardless of what others might say or think. It’s a declaration of her self-assuredness.

[Verse 1: Nicki Minaj]

Uh, man, I been did that, man, I been popped off

And if she ain’t tryin’ to give it up, she get dropped off

Let me bust that U-ie, bitch, bust that open

Might spend a couple thou’ just to bust that open

Rip it off, no joking, like your name Hulk Hogan

Niggas move weight in the South, but live in Hoboken

Bitch, I spit that crack, like I’m in that trap

So if you need a hit, then I’m with that bat (Bow!)

In verse 1, Nicki Minaj mentions that she’s already accomplished a lot and doesn’t hesitate to take action. She suggests that if a person isn’t willing to cooperate with her, they’ll be left behind (“she get dropped off”).

Nicki talks about being assertive in pursuing what she wants, using phrases like “bust that open” and being willing to spend money to achieve her goals. She compares herself to a strong figure like Hulk Hogan to emphasize her power and influence.

Nicki implies that she’s associated with both the drug trade in the South and the city of Hoboken, perhaps highlighting her versatility or connections.

Throughout the verse, she exudes confidence and determination, portraying herself as a force to be reckoned with in her career and life.

[Verse 2: 2 Chainz]

Okay, now, Nicki, Nicki, Nicki, put it in your kidney

Got a new LS 450, ain’t no keys in this doohickey

If I weren’t rapping, I’d be trapping

If I weren’t trapping, I’d be pimping

If I weren’t pimping, I’d be getting it, period

I don’t smoke no Bobby, but my denim be from Ricky (Ricky)

Got your girl on Molly, and we smokin’ loud and drinkin’ (Drinkin’)

Got my top back so you can see what I been thinkin’ (Thinkin’)

I—If you know me then you know I’ve been thinking Franklin (Franklin)

Money (Money), thousands (Thousands)

True Religion trousers (Tell ’em!)

Got a private home, started from them public houses (Damn)

Hair weave killer (Killer), causing her arousal (Tru)

Audi A8, told them “outtie 5000,” uh!

In Verse 2, Nicki Minaj collaborates with 2 Chainz and discusses various aspects of her success and lifestyle. 

2 Chainz begins by complimenting Nicki, referring to her as “Nicki, Nicki, Nicki” and praising her. He mentions a luxury car (LS 450) and highlights that it doesn’t require traditional keys.

2 Chainz mentions that if he weren’t a rapper, he’d be involved in other lucrative activities like hustling and pimping. He emphasizes that he’s focused on making money and references designer clothing from True Religion.

2 Chainz alludes to recreational drug use (Molly) and partying while enjoying a lavish lifestyle. He talks about driving with the top down and how he thinks about money all the time, mentioning Benjamin Franklin as a symbol of wealth.

[Bridge: Nicki Minaj]

Damn, damn, what they say about me?

I don’t know man, fuck is on your biscuit

If I get hit, swinging on a big bitch

I don’t know man, I’m shittin’ on your whole life

Damn, damn, what they say about me?

I don’t know man, fuck is on your biscuit

If I get hit, swinging on a big bitch

I don’t know man, I’m shittin’ on your whole life

In the bridge, Nicki Minaj expresses a sense of defiance and self-assuredness. 

Nicki begins by asking, “Damn, damn, what they say about me?” indicating that she’s aware of what others might be saying or thinking about her.

She uses the phrase “fuck is on your biscuit,” which is a colloquial way of asking what someone’s problem is or why they’re concerned about her.

Nicki mentions that if someone were to confront her (“If I get hit”), she would stand her ground and fight back, even if the person is much larger (“swinging on a big bitch”).

She ends by reiterating her confidence, saying she’s “shittin’ on your whole life,” implying that she’s unapologetically successful and in control of her own destiny.

[Verse 3: Nicki Minaj]

Man, I’m out in Texas, man, I’m out in A-town

Then I’m up in Chi-town or Miami shuttin’ it down

It’s that New Orleans, it’s LA or The Bay

It’s New York, Philly, and the whole DMV

I’m a Detroit player, man, it’s North-South Cack

Ohio, Pittsburgh, got St. Louis on deck

It’s Delaware, Connecticut, it’s New Jersey got hella bricks

It’s Queens, Brooklyn, and yeah, they wildin’

Bronx, Harlem, and Staten Island

In Verse 3, Nicki Minaj mentions that she’s in different cities like Texas, Atlanta, Chicago, and Miami, indicating her widespread popularity and travels.

She names various regions and states such as New Orleans, Los Angeles (LA), The Bay Area, New York, Philadelphia, and the DMV (District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia).

Nicki portrays herself as a well-known figure in Detroit and North-South Carolina, Ohio, Pittsburgh, and St. Louis.

She also references other places like Delaware, Connecticut, New Jersey, Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Harlem, and Staten Island.

Deeper Meaning Behind “Beez in the Trap”

In the song “Beez in the Trap,” Nicki Minaj is expressing her dedication and relentless work ethic in her career. She’s telling her listeners that, like a bee in its hive (the trap), she is focused and determined to succeed in her chosen field, no matter the obstacles or challenges. 

In the context of the song, the word “beez” is a stylized and slang version of “bees.” In Southern slang, “beez” means “I’m always.” 

The term “trap” in hip-hop culture typically refers to a location or environment where illegal activities, especially drug dealing, take place. Here, “trap” symbolizes Minaj’s workplace, her studio. The hook, “I beez in the Trap,” conveys that Minaj is not only successful but constantly working and full of energy.

The song “Beez in the Trap” was written by Minaj, Maurice Jordan, and 2 Chainz, with production by Kenoe.

In an interview with Graham Norton, Nicki said:

“It just means, ‘I am always…’ you know, that’s our slang way of saying, ‘I beez doing such-and-such-and-such.’ So it’s really like, ‘I am always in the trap.’ Now, the trap, ladies and gentlemen, relates to anywhere where you get your money.”

When Nicki Minaj refers to herself as “beez in the trap,” she might also be using a metaphor to compare herself to a bee that works tirelessly in a particular environment, specifically, the competitive and challenging world of the music industry. Bees are recognized for their hard work and diligence, often serving as a symbol of industriousness.

Understanding this, “Beez in the Trap” becomes a song that celebrates working hard and having big goals. Nicki Minaj, like a queen bee, shows us her dedication and accomplishments, reminding us that, just like bees in their hives, putting in effort and staying determined can bring rewarding success.

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